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One Bus Away is a Way HART Gets Supercharged4660
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What&qts Being Built Along the Streetcar Line?
The Construction Picture Explained
One Bus Away is a Way HART Gets Supercharged

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The Infuriating Train Robbery
Streetcar Video
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Using the headline word "train" loosely, of course.

Anyone know if they caught this guy yet? I was perusing streetcar videos to catch up on things and was shocked and infuriated to find this video of what may well have been a friend of mine being held up at gun point on the Teco Line.

I don’t know that I recognize the victime in the video but in my time covering the streetcar for this blog I came into casual acquaintance with many conductors and motormen. This motorman wasn’t hurt, and he seemed to deal with the situation calmly and rationally, although I bet he was in complete shock after.

I can’t find any online information about the perpetrator being found and arrested but perhaps it happened low-profile like.  If the guy was desperate enough to rob for a random payout (in this case he apparently made off with just $20), it must have been something impulsive or drug-fueled.  He needed any amount of money quick, but, any susbequent robbery to increase the payout would have escalated the whole thing into to a real-time crime spree, which would have increased the risk due to the overwhelming police response something like that would cause (not that a single gunpoint robbery doesn't cause a big enough one, but 2 or 3 holdups in a short period of time escalates to an even bigger one).  If he hasn't been arrested yet, he was either extremely transient or was visiting from out of town, and possibly leaving that day if not hour.  With the hyper-locality of the crime and of course the widely distributed video, local police would have known who he is pretty quickly otherwise, I imagine.  

Anyway if anyone can comment in with an update, feel free.

The Infuriating Train Robbery