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This website is devoted to the modern urbanization of Tampa and Hillsborough County Florida, primarily through the development of an alternative rail-based mass transit system connecting all corners of the county and beyond. To accomplish this, aside from the focus on a developed mass transit system, this website also focuses on urban development solutions related to denser city living, improved pedestrian infrastructure, laws, policies, public safety, and the promotion and expansion of political agendas which favor these things.

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Tampa Rail Resources

Tampa Rail was an early, and for awhile, dominant online voice for the development of urban rail in Tampa. Since the explosive growth of social media as a separate and distinct industry, not to mention serious political ground gained in the progress toward rail in Tampa, professionals have long taken over. Here are some of the organizations and efforts underway in Tampa to bring rail to the city.

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Current State of Affairs

Tampa does not currently have light or commuter rail networks in operation although there are regular campaigns, official and otherwise, to change that.

Tampa does have an approximately 3 mile streetcar line which connects Tampa's downtown edge to Channelside and Ybor City. Currently the streetcar system is crafted as a historical system serving tourists who may take up leisure at any number of stops along the line. However, a local system extension study completed in December 2014 reflects the vision of area leaders to incorporate modern streetcars similar to those already operating in Portland, Seattle and Washington D.C..

Transit Tax 2016

A half or full cent transit tax is expected on the Hillsborough County ballot in November 2016. The scale of improvements (including what is considered premium transit options which in turn includes light rail) is dependent on which if either tax construct is ultimately passed, though either will advance the "state and taste" of transit and rail in general.

Wasn't Tampa Supposed to Get High Speed Rail?

Tampa was poised to be one of the first cities with a true high speed rail terminus connecting it to Orlando and points beyond. This would have undoubtedly spurred local urban rail development by leaps and bounds. Buildings were knocked down to make way for it and a giant check from the federal government was cut and handed to Florida in order to get it all done. However, months before the check was accepted and cashed, Rick Scott became governor and refused to accept it on ideological grounds. The funds were dispersed elsewhere across the country and Tampa was left to exist as it always had.

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